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Topic: Re:Re:World Cup Coming to Brentford?
Posted by: Andrew OSullivan
Date/Time: 27/05/15 13:09:00

The football has up until now always won out over the politics and the last World Cup was probably the best ever despite of FIFA rather than because of them.

The decision to award the next two tournaments to two unsuitable hosts was just a step too far.

Much as I love both rugby and cricket their World Cups are just a pale shadow of the football one. Large parts of the globe are completely unaware of those to sports whereas every country is an active participant in football. It is therefore critical that the sport is well run because it is one of the most powerful unifying forces that we have.

If the World Cup does come to England and Lionel Road hosts the games I don't think it is too much of a stretch to say we are hosting a World Cup - after all the area of  all the new flats will be marketed as West Chiswick and the stadium is a very short walk from Chiswick High Road.

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