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Topic: Boris at Turnham Green
Posted by: Pearl Pelfrey
Date/Time: 19/04/15 15:10:00

I was the person who shouted 'You are ruining London,'  as I walked into the station while Boris was talking to about 15 people, 5 of whom were journalists and camera people, if you call that a good turnout.
He has presided over social cleansing of London on a Gargantuan, unforgivable scale, destroying community and communities.  He has allowed developers to stop including social housing,  instead allowing them to pay money so social tenants can be forced out of London and out of their 'regenerated' estates. He has created a black-out London of buy-to-leave developments where no one lives.
He is destroying our skyline with too many towers. He is allowing whole parts of London's character and history to be destroyed: Earl's Court, Portobello, Shepherd's Bush Market, Elephant and Castle, on and on...

He is a bad Mayor, supporting a bad MP who wants to sell us out with the "fantastic" (her words) TTIP agreement, who has sold off huge parts of our precious NHS, who has privatised cancer and end- of - life care, who has created a health service where in some parts of the country you can only get ONE cataract done, or get only ONE hearing aid. An MP who only represents Chiswick. 

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