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Topic: chiswick express*!!$!!**
Posted by: David Darlow
Date/Time: 07/04/15 10:37:00

When travelling to Sri Lanka, I chose this taxi firm to take myself and my family to Heathrow and back, based upon good recommendations on this website.
Because of the large amount of luggage I ordered a people carrier. Despite that, an ordinary saloon turned up but somehow we managed to squeeze everything in.
Arriving back late yesterday, exhausted after 19 hours travel, and laden with even more luggage, we looked for our taxi. None there. For twenty minutes we desperately scoured the ranks of taxi drivers holding boards, even questioned a couple of drivers to make sure they had the correct name.  In exasperation we phoned Chiswick Express office. No reply, although we hung on for endless minutes. In the end we were forced to find a black cab for an extortionate 50 plus a load of ill-grace.
This morning I phoned Chiswick Express to complain. No apology. "Their driver was there" (but invisible). And "No", we hadn't phoned their office. "All calls are logged". When I pointed out that I had also phoned them a couple of Sundays earlier when making the booking, and could get no reply then either, they had no answer.
A shambles of a company. In future I'll rely on those companies that specialise in airport transfers, even if they're a bit dearer.

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