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Topic: Re:Re:We want kittens!
Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 13/02/15 20:15:00

We had two boys who got on really well, even though there are seven years between them, possibly because the second one was a kitten when we got him and the oldest one had always lived with other cats. However, the stray that moved in really upset the applecart and we now have a babygate at the bottom of the stairs to keep them apart. We've had the stray 18 months now but a state of war still exists, so we have to feed them in different places, and keep them apart for most of the time, the problem seems to be the stray -Bruno - wasn't neutered until we got him and he was about five-ish so very hormonal and territorial. Funny thing is next door got two male brothers as kitties and my original two love them and they are in and out frequently - go figure!

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