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Topic: Re:We want kittens!
Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 11/02/15 16:00:00

Please look at  They are a local, indepedent cat rescue charity.  They normally have lots of kittens but its the quiet breeding time at the moment (November to March) so only a few are in at the moment.

I have one of their litters that are spoken for and will go to their homes when they are 10 weeks old.  But apparently there's a tabby pregnant cat at the vets who will come to me as soon as mine are old enough to be adopted.   You will need to apply online, not through me.

I know there are some black and black and white kittens available.

BTW, you won't find tortie brothers - 99.9% of torties are girls and if you do find the 0.1% boys, they are likely to be ill and not survive as they will have an extra X chromosome.  You may find a healthy tortie and white boy, though it will (luckily to prevent more unwanted cats) be naturally sterile.

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