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Topic: Re:We want kittens!
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 11/02/15 17:25:00

Please do some research before getting two cats. There is a huge amount of concern amongst veterinary professionals and behaviourists about multi-cat households.

Although there are exceptions and people will inevitably post here that they have very happy cats living together, cats are solitary animals and frequently suffer from chronic stress when housed with other cats. This includes siblings. This may not show up until the cats have been living together for a while when it often manifests in toiletting problems and outright aggression.

If you insist on getting two cats, they will need to be provided with separate resources (food, water, litter tray, beds, toys etc) which need to be placed so that the cats do not have to come into contact with each other to access them.

There is heaps of advice on the Feline Advisory Bureau (, via Cats Protection and I recommend Vicky Halls publications.

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