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Topic: Re:Re:We want kittens!
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 11/02/15 17:45:00

Lots of people have very happy multicat families, I think mine would be lost without each other, they sleep in each other's arms, play together, groom each other, happily share bowls, play fetch with toys with one another and their quality of life is far enhanced by being part of a group.  But then, they are orientals...there is often a special bond between relatives so if possible get siblings or at least kittens that have been together for a while and clearly get on, if at all possible.  My eldest boys (brothers) still adore each other after 10 years.

Torties are given by the red gene passed through the female, which doesn't apply to tabbies.   Come April/May the shelters will start to get so swamped with kittens many will have to be turned away or will just be killed.

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