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Topic: Re:Re:Cold callers
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 19/01/15 13:15:00

The phone that I have allows you to set which calls you actually receive.Numbers that are known to you will come straight through without being intercepted.Unknown calls are intercepted and the caller is asked to state who they are.You will them be played a recording of the caller saying who they are.If you wish to take the call, you press 1 and the call will be put through.If you don't want to take the call, you press 2, and the phone will tell the caller you are not accepting calls, and disconnect the call.If you have numbers you never want to accept calls from, you put them in the phones memory, and the phone won't even put those calls through.Likewise, if a call comes through, and it wasn't who you thought it was but instead it is another cold caller, you just press a button, and it bans any more calls from that number.I have just checked the phone and it has screened out 11 calls since friday. (It keeps the number of all the calls screened so you can see who has called).The phone really is a great bit of kit.

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