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Topic: Re:Railway footbridge temporary re-opened
Posted by: Ian Wylie
Date/Time: 20/12/14 16:22:00

A reminder that this bridge between Hardwicke Road / Acton Green Common and Bridge Street is now (Dec 20) open until Jan 5 during the Christmas and New Year works' break. Anyone walking near Belmont Terrace will already have seen how busy the chainsaws have been on the tube embankments. But the view from the temporarily re-opened footbridge gives a fuller picture. Photos taken today (Saturday):

 photo chiswicktubeworksdec2014b.jpg

 photo chiswicktubeworksdec2014a.jpg

And a view of the most southerly embankment on the Richmond branch line from Belmont Terrace:

 photo chiswicktubeworksdec2014c.jpg

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