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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Railway footbridge closure
Posted by: Paul Hughes-Smith
Date/Time: 30/11/14 16:48:00

I have had endless correspondence in the past both with the CEO of TFL and with Ealing Council about the maintenance of the Hardwick Rd. pedestrian bridge and the lighting thereof. Ealing Council do now replace the lights if asked but it is not ultimately their responsibility. In view of what looks like long closure of this pedestrian access I propose writing to TFL to ask whether they will honour their responsibilities and, given the disruption to local people, refurbish the whole bridge which is in poor repair (steps,lighting,drainage)Despite the letter to Hardwick Rd residents TFL have made no attempt to inform the wider public of what is going on and the reasons for the closure  by posting notices on the railings nearby as is now normal in these situations.

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