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Topic: Re:Railway footbridge closure
Posted by: Ian Wylie
Date/Time: 28/11/14 11:04:00

The previous thread on this closure - now currently on Pg 3 of the forum - mentioned the document below and the fact that while the suspension / closure of the footpath / bridge is effective until May 20 2015, it states: These works are expected to be completed by 19th December 2014."

But someone who spoke to a manager on the site of these "emergency" works earlier this week was told that the Dec 19 date is simply the start of the Christmas / New Year break and works will continue until May - contradicting the information below. Hopefully someone can clarify and clear that up either way.

And while the closure may be imminent, I walked past last night and the footpath / bridge was still open at that time, albeit with quite a sizeable construction area in place with equipment etc by Hardwicke Road and the Acton Green Common playground.

 photo HardwickeRoadNotice.jpg

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