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Topic: Re:Re:Scandalous
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 09/12/14 12:28:00

Absolutely Kim.  Too many people who could help suddenly disappear into their technology in case their help and support may be called upon.

I still remember trying to get a mother + buggy + baby + toddler off a train at night in the middle of the countryside because I heard her say "Oh we need to get off here" after the train had already stopped and the rest of the compartment had suddenly gone deaf.  She got the buggy sorted out and I held onto the roaming toddler and baby.  I dragooned someone else into opening the door - which kept wanting to close.  I stood on the platform and shouted out for some help. (It was dark so our situation was not as obvious.)  I can tell you I was very relieved when I did manage to get back on the train and be reunited with my possessions.  It was partly her fault for not getting prepared but with kids these things happen. I was quite shaken and I still can't believe how many people were so blind to her situation and deaf to her distress and need for help to get off that train.  Any one of them might be the one needing help another time.

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