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Posted by: Kim Rugg
Date/Time: 08/12/14 22:16:00

I was lucky that when I was using a pushchair bendy buses operated. These were able to accommodate quite a few pushchairs and wheel chairs.
Mothers who selfishly push their pushchairs onto buses do not do so out of pleasure, they are like the rest of us trying to get to work, do their shopping, go to the doctor, et cetera. I find demonising them very unfair as they get turned off buses or told not to get on all the time. This happened to me on many occasions, 'you're not getting on with that' was a familiar phrase. If there was one buggy on the bus already.
As for folding a buggy and carrying a baby/toddler plus a couple of bags of shopping whilst trying to place the folded buggy in the designated space, this is punishment. See how many able bodied people offer their seat for the women carrying the future taxpayer.
The poor design of buses is to blame not the mothers with pushchairs.

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