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Posted by: Kim Rugg
Date/Time: 09/12/14 09:00:00

I think the problem is the design of modern buses which are unable to accommodate the needs passengers.

The mac Laren pushchairs are not suitable for small babies, great for toddlers who can stand and walk some distances.

Buses need to be able to take more than one wheelchair/pushchair even if it means taking out some seats.
As they are  they are putting wheelchair users and pushchair users at a disadvantage.

Wheelchair users and Pushchair users are fighting the same corner. When it comes to accessing public transport their needs are similar. The 'selfish' mother who refused to give up the space for a wheelchair user might have been desperate to get a sick child to a doctor after been refused access on 2 previous buses.
If an able bodied person had got out of their precious seat and offered to help the mother this situation would probably never have arisen.
And on a crowded bus would 6 standing passengers have agreed to get off the bus to allow a wheelchair user on board.
Remember the selfish mother had paid her fare and would have had to pay again to get on the next bus.
We shouldn't be too so quick to blame and condemn one group for all our problems.
The problem is the buses.

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