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Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 09/12/14 11:10:00

The bus outlay is a problem. We have a silly one seat space on some buses behind driver or a big luggage rack on the right towards the front which are normally empty. My point was not to throw off every mother when a wheelchair user wants to get on as that is completely unworkable for all due to many scenarios and i understand that at peak times it can be chaos. I think in certain situations some workaround between buggy and wheelchair could be made between the two out of kindness in a less busy situation. And maybe just maybe the idea of vacating the space for a wheelchair user and getting of the bus is a nice gesture but not enforced.I do understand that with buggy, shopping and more it is not easy,but most i would say role on and role off without added baggage but again do stress that they should not be thrown off either as the fair has been taken to travel.

At the end of the day i would like to think some compromise can be worked out if possible.But pure ignorance in some cases which i would happily think to be a very small percentage of people is not very welcoming. Only problem i personally have is people not taking notice of calls to move down on a tube train or on a bus when plenty of seating is available upstairs or in the middle of the carriage. But that is my personal grudge away from this news story.

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