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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Scandalous
Posted by: Richard Bryson
Date/Time: 09/12/14 00:29:00

I agree with Kim and Carl. Seeing Mothers(and some Fathers) struggling to get on and off buses with a pram, child and shopping is a stressful enough experience and done out of need not pleasure. To have the added worry that at every Bus Stop you could be told to get off because someone in a wheelchair needs to get on.  I do fully sympathise with wheelchair users, but in London the services are relatively frequent and shouldn't entail a long wait.  It is also unfair on the bus driver to expect him to order stressed out Mothers(or Fathers) off the bus.  A recipe for an unpleasant confrontation.  The Court of Appeal will have taken all of these points into consideration and I would say common sense has prevailed in their judgement.

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