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Topic: Re:Help please - feline seizures
Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 27/11/14 22:00:00

I'd really suggest that you find out what is causing the seizures rather than starting medication without a cause.  I had a young cat who started having seizures because she had toxoplasmosis which had caused brain cysts.  Without treating the toxo she would have died regardless of if someone had given her seizure medication.  By testing to confirm the toxo and treating that, her seizures gradually disappeared and she never needed seizure medication.

I don't wish to frighten you with a long list of possible causes but would like to know they have been actively ruled out - it could be being caused by feline leukaemia, kidney problems, trauma to her head, liver problems.  Have all of these been ruled out?  Epilepsy can be confirmed with scans or EEG's.

Seeing your cat having a seizure is really frightening and you have my sympathy.  But I'd be concerned about battling with your cat with medication if you are unsure what the root cause is.

As for getting her into a box for vet trips, try feliway spray - spray it on your hands and wipe it over your cat, including her cheeks, 30 minutes before needing to box her and spray her box with it too.  Do you use a top loading box?  If not, its worth getting one for a difficult to box cat - you can scruff her and lower her into it quickly, possibly having another person with you to control paws.

Make sure she is confined to one room without places she can hide so it doesn't become a battle of wills to catch her.  Is there any way to tempt her into the bathroom?  And not to see the box before you pick her up!  i.e. open the top before you get her any where need the box.

A feliway diffuser in a room might also calm her so that she becomes easier to box and medicate.

If you do find the cause and identify the correct medication, vet nurses are often stars at giving you lessons in how to pop pills into them.  The main thing is to become confident in how to do it quickly and easily so that your cat doesn't see it coming and barely notices it happening.  It could be that the vet nurses would let you get used to it by helping them when they medicate cats in the surgery?  Or they might come to your home a few times to teach you how to do it.

Often, if the cat senses your nerves before you medicate it and your are tentative in dosing her she will prep for a fight before you even get close to her!  Its difficult when you need to be confident about something that you aren't confident about but practice or observing the techniques might help.

I hope something in here is helpful to you.  And I wish your cat better.

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