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Topic: Re:Pet Insurance
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 17/11/14 09:42:00

The most important thing to check with insurance is that you will be covered for the life of your pet. "Cheap" insurance is not just undercutting, it is offering less, sometimes substantially so.

Some policies only cover you for a given condition or type of condition once, or cover you up to a limit and then never again. The more expensive policies are usually comprehensive. If you want to be covered for teeth cleaning for instance, you will need to make sure that the insurer does not regard any dental work as cosmetic.

Once you have claimed for a condition, you will not be able to claim for it again if you change insurer as it will be regarded as a pre-existing condition, so it is important to make sure you know what cover you are getting before you commit.

Most insurance policies also cover you for third party incidents for instance if someone makes a claim against you or your dog but you can also get this with membership of the Dogs Trust (a lot cheaper!)

The cost of the insurance will vary with your postcode and the breed of dog that you have. Bear in mind that it will not cover you for routine treatments such as vaccination, worming and flea or tick preparations.

I qualified as a pet insurance advisor when I was working in veterinary practice. Vets are a good source of information, but when I was working, they had to be registered with the FSA to be able to give advice for EACH company that they recommended. At the practices where I worked, this meant that they registered for the one that they considered provided the best cover, which was PetPlan, and it was not legal for staff to recommend another company. I am not sure what the regulations are following the FSA's demise, but vets are anyway not in a position to hold details on multiple policies so may just advise that you opt for the one with which they have a relationship.

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