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Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 16/11/14 13:42:00

Hi, Jill, I tried Animal Friends but didn't find them very efficient so changed. I now have some insured with Tesco, one insured with Healthy Pets and some insured with Vets Medicover. All have been very good so far and have paid out when necessary without quibble. Vets Medicover cover teeth as well which was useful when my nine year old siamese had to have dental work recently.

Most pet insurance will rise steeply with age but you have to look at what you are getting. Mine are all insured for a lifetime policy, which is important, and for the best - ie gold - level. With Tesco that gives you 7,500 worth of cover per condition for the animal's life, with Vets Medicover it is 10,000 of cover. With Tesco you can for a small extra premium have extras such as holiday cancellation cover (ie if your pet is ill) and if you go into hospital etc payment for someone to look after your pet. It is always worth phoning them if you think the online quote is high as often it can come down particularly if you go for a higher excess which is what I do. Some will ask you to pay a per centage of the cost of the vet bill after the animal is over a certain age, usually around 8, so you need to read the policy wording carefully. As you may know, usually it is 14 days after you make the insurance before they will cover any illness although accidents are usually covered so check that as well.

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