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Topic: Re:Re:The Borough of Brentford & Chiswick
Posted by: Trudie Fuller
Date/Time: 21/09/14 08:20:00

Must be a wind-up Richard, otherwise that’s a bit harsh!

I suggest we all start a daily bombardment of emails and "textings" to the following people at LBH until they get so fed up they actually do something:-

Cllr Steve Curran - Leader of the Council  Mbl: 07785 722 190, email:;

Cllr Amrit Mann - Deputy Leader, responsible for H.Highways, Domestic & Commercial Refuse,     Mbl:  07866 784658, email:;

Mr Brendon Walsh - Director of Regeneration, Economic Development & Environment,

Mr Aled Richard (think he might have left but presume has been replaced) - Asstnt. Director Commercial Safety, Environment & Regulatory Services;

Ms. ............. - Town Centre Manager for Chiswick (sorry I’ve forgotten her name)

This is from LBH's own site:-
“Street care and cleaning
If you would like to know when your road is due to be litter picked, please contact us.
Road cleaning schedule
Your road will be cleansed on a fortnightly basis, between Monday and Friday. This will involve litter picking and sweeping.
Please note that any spillages arising from the domestic waste and recycling service should be reported to 020 8583 2000 so that the spillages can be cleared promptly.
London Borough of Hounslow, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 4DN.
Telephone 020 8583 2000
Online - General Enquiry Online form:”

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