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Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 19/09/14 18:54:00

After the storms yesterday I noticed that the gullies were blocked with leaves so today I decided to do a self-help and swept/raked up a huge pile of leaves from the front of my house.  It was noticeable that the street has not been cleared since the end of June and all the leaves were beginning to compost and set solid.

I and some of my neighbours will continue to build up this pile until it is large and awful and then perhaps HH will ask someone to come and take it away.  Autumn is coming and the leaves falling and if the gutters are not kept clean we risk flooding  and then who pays for all the damage.

Incidentally I was walking down TGT at 11am yesterday and what a mess that was.  Bags out on the pavement waiting to be collected and then the people clearing the now vacant Tots in the Terrace had simply dumped a huge mound of rubble onto the roadway and pavement outside - at least several feet high and 20 feet long.  We, as residents, simply have to get this under control as Hounslow will do nothing until there is a crisis.

Perhaps we should insist that money is allocated to the cleansing of Chiswick and we, the residents, agree on how it is spent and lay down rules for the traders.

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