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Topic: Re:Re:No street cleaning
Posted by: Jenn Irvine
Date/Time: 19/09/14 18:30:00

Our road is a steaming hot mess.  The channels have not been cleared in a year and the build up of debris is not only unsightly but unhygienic as well.  There are weeds growing in the channel dirt, which is several inches high!  It's ridiculous. 

Our road is litter picked maybe once a month, at best.  Two weeks ago, it was litter picked the day before rubbish & recycling collection.  Despite several of my neighbours contacting Hounslow Highways via their online form no one has had as much as an acknowledgment from them.  Clearly no one monitors the cleanliness of our streets and they do look horrible compared to Ealing and H&F.  We all do our best on our road to keep it looking good... most of us weed and sweep regularly in front of our homes, but we can't do it all.   

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