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Topic: No street cleaning
Posted by: Iris Hill
Date/Time: 19/09/14 14:59:00

I have been trying to find out what the schedule is for cleaning our street (Wolseley Gdns) - without success. However Cllr Hearn has been very helpful - quizzing the leader and trying to find out what is happening. I thought that surely the service level agreements would see that streets are not being done (it seems where ever I go in Chiswick it is the same). He found out that:

"There are service level agreements in place but what exactly do you do when these are not being monitored and the contractor is not delivering?
It emerged, at the Borough Council meeting, that street cleansing improved in Osterley after residents ambushed a group of Hounslow Highways operatives and forced them to clear up the mess in several residential streets. I wonder how this will be reported in the minutes of The Borough Council?
Meanwhile the Council continues to miss its recyling targets and is pinning all its hopes on the introduction of wheelie bins. An illogical approach already rejected by our partners in Richmond."

So it seems that no one from LBH has been checking if work is being done! Apparently now a new team has started to be recruited but it will take time for them to get going. You would have thought that something as basic as monitoring Hounslow Highways would have been happening but if Cllr Hearn had not made it his business to find out, we would not have known that HH had no one checking what they are doing!

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