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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Breaking bread update..
Posted by: Brian Boothby
Date/Time: 07/09/14 14:48:00

Bread Making - good stuff. Some years ago my doctor said I should cut down on salt. I replied there's salt in everything, even bread. He said "Make your own without salt". I remember that my father learned to make bread as a teenage merchant seaman at sea on a rusbucket of a steamship exporting coal from S. Wales. When I was a boy, the smell of baking bread from our own kitchen was a memorable delight. So I have followed suit and bake once a week turning out enough loaves to freeze a few. Bread freezes well. Having an allotment I sometimes bring back herbs then mix with olive oil and make a herby loaf for supper. That's the joy of bread making, it lends itself to experimentation as shown by previous letters. Best wishes to all home bakers.

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