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Topic: Making Bread....
Posted by: bobby osborne
Date/Time: 03/09/14 21:42:00

I toyed with the idea of getting a bread maker after giving the elbow to commercial processed breads and sampling some of the sourdough and spelt loaves at Gails and the other bread shops in CHR..

but then a neighbour gave me a recipe for Irish Soda Bread that is so simple that even a peasant such as my good self can create a loaf..

I made my first piece of artisan bread today with nothing other than my rough hands and a pile of flour, baking soda and buttermilk..

and although it wouldn't score marks for presentation it actually tastes delicious with a bit of raw butter and a few crushed foraged blackberries..

so I am going to experiment with seeds and different flours and make some art bread..

if anyone (not just Dorises!) have any recipes or experience in this matter I would be grateful for some tips..

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