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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Pot holes remain unrepaired
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 03/09/14 11:41:00

The open trench I reported on the A4 slip road from Chiswick roundabout onto the Eastbound carriageway was reported to Tfl.They acknowledged the report and sent it to Hounslow.They sent it back to Tfl.This went backwards and forwards until Tfl admitted responsibility.On Friday of last week, Tfl attended, and despite it being blatantly obvious this needed a proper repair, a couple of shovel fulls of tar were thrown in and tamped down.Today it is all coming out again and again, today, I have reported it to Tfl.This road surface is breaking up right on the brow of the up ramp and is invisible until you are upon it.If a motorcycle loses it's front wheel in this, the rider will almost certainly be killed.If being throw from his bike doesn't kill him, the fast moving traffic merging from the M4 certainly will.I have kept a record of all the times I have reported this trench (it can't be called a pothole) and what action was taken, and how long it took.Everytime I have reported it, I asked for them to do a proper repair.If anyone ever has a serious accident due to this pothole, I shall make sure the authorities, and hopefully not the coroner has full access to my records.

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