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Topic: Pot holes remain unrepaired
Posted by: Trudie Fuller
Date/Time: 30/08/14 10:48:00

Cavendish Road, is starting to look seriously like a cart track, especially from Bolton Rd to Hartington Road which for some reason the "tarmackers" have ignored - probably because that section of Cavendish Rd is not on a bus route.  However, it is extensively used as a cut through by traffic to/from the A316.      An enquiry to H.H. resulted in this response:-

"All roads in the borough are broken down in to road section lengths, not all of these sections require repair as a result of the inspections that we carry out, hence you may see only part of a road repaired, we continue to monitor the remaining sections and they will be treated at the appropriate time.

T:020 8583 2000
W: "

How many pot holes and how deep do they have to be before a road warrants the attention of Hounslow Highways? 

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