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Topic: Re:Pot holes remain unrepaired
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 02/09/14 17:37:00

"How many pot holes and how deep do they have to be before a road warrants the attention of Hounslow Highways?  "

a) Note street and nearest house to pothole
b) Tweet Hounslow Highways with same
c) You should get a ticket number back
d) Retain and chase if required.

I've found that pretty effective in the past, although since our (non-bus route carrying) road was completely resurfaced a few months back there's much less need than there was.  The important thing is not to wait until they inspect them, but to be proactive and give them the precise location, preferably publicly so they have to respond (copy in the council and any tweeting councillors for extra incentive, too).

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