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Posted by: Pete Mayes
Date/Time: 29/08/14 01:46:00

Lynne is right about lamberts ,thing is they are the wholesalers /practitioners company so expensive of you have to buy them in a shop.Their consumers website is they will deliver to you the exact same product different label..I know because I am allowed to buy from lamberts directly.
Lynne is right about Osteoguard a great productg,gave it to a relative for 3 months 2 a day ,the consultant she sees for a genetic Knee problem couldnt understand why her x ray showed brilliant white bones instead of the yellowish colour they normally were,

As for me .I have haemochromotosis which means I store too much iron in my body,very lucky they found it the treatment choice is to test my blood for ferritin level if its gone over 50 I have to give a unit of blood ,like donation.
This has gone on for 25 years every 2/3 months  ,a real pain but if it gets into my organs and brain im done for.

Thing is ive never reasearched this on the internet but last october I did.
I come across a natural product called IP6 ,basically phytic acid which is found in nuts,

It is an Iron Chelator ,taken well away from food.

for the first time ever in 25 years I didnt need a phlebotomy after testing.In fact I went 9 months(3 tests) and it just went over the 50.
I only took low dose  one 500mg capsule a night so I am going to 3 times a week take 2 capsules and stick with one the other nights.
I told the haemo Dr and he had never heard of it (of course he hadnt)Bonus is it chelates out the body other heavy metals like mercury,

So there you go,do your own research and dont just accept what the drs say,granted Andys situation isnt going to be helped by a bit of vit c lets hope they can sort you out Andy. 

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