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Topic: Re:Maths GCSE disaster
Posted by: Shaun Joynson
Date/Time: 25/08/14 09:01:00

Hi there,

As I am no longer in the area, I still look in but avoid posting. This one is a bit too close to home to not comment on.

Maths is the most overrated subject in all academia.

I've managed budgets and run my own businesses without ever needing maths.

It was only when I became a teacher that I needed a Maths GCSE to get my teaching certificate. And, once I got it, I went back to avoiding the subject - as I have always done - with no ill effect whatsoever.

my first question on reading this was has this student been tested for dyslexia? That can affect Mathematical capabilities? Certainly seemed to be a major factor for me.  Might be worth exploring.

The other thing is finding the right resources for revision.

I used the CGP revision books because they were very clearly illustrated. I also used the BBC Bite Size site too and there are a lot of free online sites one can use.

But the other thing is simply slogging away at it.

I basically broke down the entire syllabus into separate parts and over a week, would spend 20 minutes at a time 2or 3 times a day, focussing entirely on one aspect until I knew that section off by heart. 

But being dyslexic meant that trying to sit at a desk revising was a waste of time for me and it might be for her too. 

Get up, move about, ACT OUT problems. Read maths problems aloud. Stand on a chair in the kitchen and give a speech explaining the difference between Mean, Median and Mode, or any other maths problems.  

Make giant resources. Use Mind Maps. Try teaching maths to your dog. I bought a set of those plastic magnetic numbers and used them to do sums on the fridge.

If someone is having difficulty with maths, these are the sorts of things that can work for them, rather than just having a tutor or sitting there slogging away at them.

hope this helps.

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