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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Ebay fakes
Posted by: Lynne Bruce
Date/Time: 09/08/14 17:03:00

Thanks Paul and everyone for your advice.  I took the resolution centre route and the seller asked me if it was similar to the photograph.  I said yes, similar but not the same as my own Laura Mercier lipstick, re texture (less pigment), shade (is lighter) and different packaging.  She posted this back:
Seller's message:
'I think I have answered all your questions, and I have no wish to engage in a prolonged debate about this lipstick, which you agree is the same shade as shown in the picture. I am trying my best to be as helpful and accommodating as possible and to resolve the issue in the best way possible. Here is Discretion in a cylindrical tube : and here: The lipstick DOES come in a cylindrical container, and is perhaps manufactured for areas other than the UK. In the listing, I think you will find information which states: "Some goods may be manufactured for countries other than the UK and packaging may vary" '. 

I did not agree it was the same shade.  I therefore asked for a refund plus postage.  Not heard back yet. 

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