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Topic: Re:Re:silent calls
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 11/01/16 14:49:00

Worst thing to do is answer even if you pick up phone and put it down before speaking. Your in a block of numbers called and if someone else answers the phone before you your call becomes silent as the call has disconnected. But your get called again at some point.

If you speak to a person your number has a very good chance of being sold to someone else. Answering and maybe giving them a mouthful may be good for you short term but long term is not so good as it will most likely start again with someone else.

Like Andy said.

  BT 8500
  BT 6510
  Bt 6500 

  Believe me,having funny scenarios with these callers makes it worse. They love answered calls and they love to note the time you answered your calls.

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