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Topic: Re:silent calls
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 11/01/16 14:35:00

George, get yourself a BT8500.We were getting 2-3 calls a day like the ones you're getting.we've had the phone almost 2 years now, and we don't get ANY unwanted calls now.The phone still filters about 20 unwanted calls a week.You can set the phone up to receive the calls you want.And if a call does get throught that you don't want, you just press a button and it blocks any more calls from that number.You have the option to screen every call before you decide to answer it.The 8500 was 80 when I bought it, but they're much cheaper now.We registered with the telephone preference society but that did no good at wll.We were still swamped with unwanted calls.

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