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Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 06/01/16 22:33:00

"This made me look at the notices on this small 'slip' road which comes off Devonshire Road and parallel with the High Road.  There are no designated parking bays and the sign said 'no loading 7am to 7pm."

And there are also yellow marks on the kerbs to draw your attention to the loading restriction.  So stopping there in order to unload a duvet and suits is not allowed between 7am and 7pm.  But don't worry about the camera.  Thanks to the new regulations, a PCN can only be generated by an enforcement officer on the spot, not by the camera operator in Hounslow or wherever.

But why on earth is this little service road between Devonshire Road and Annandale Road subject to a loading restriction?  Apart from the dry cleaners, there's also the Stone & Wood Gallery from where customers would want to load purchases into a vehicle, but can't legally do that during shop hours.

We had a thread about that road in 2009, , in which Chris Calvi-Freeman (then Head of Transport for LBH) said:

"... a vehicle loading there does obstruct the carriageway.  This seems to work perfectly well on this very quiet lane and encourages those loading and unloading to do so quickly out of consideration to others."

"The purpose of this stretch is obviously to allow vehicles to come and go for a short time for loading/unloading, and as a pedestrian thoroughfare."

That is an eminently sensible approach, but it doesn't match the signage, then or now.  Over the years, Google Street View shows a number of rather odd signs, but the ones that are consistently there from July 2008 onwards are the ones that say "No loading, Mon - Sat, 7am - 7pm". 

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