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Topic: UKIP and Oldham West
Posted by: David McLoughlin
Date/Time: 04/12/15 09:42:00

Farage ,the new impresario of dog whistle politics, alleges 'it was the postal vote wot dunnit'. Or words to that effect.
Fact: 27,706 voted. Of which one quarter (source FT) were postal votes. That is 6,926 or thereabouts. Labour majority  was 10,835.  Even if every postal vote went to Labour and none to UKIP or the other parties Labour's majority would have been 3,909.

Paul Nuttall is quoted in the Telegraph  "We should go back to the old system where you had to give a good reason why you can't get off your backside and go down to a polling booth. That would make it fair again. That would make polling day actually mean something."

A fine example of how to shoot yourself in the foot , as UKIP's vote is skewed towards older voters, who use postal balloting disproportionately.

All in all 'if you don't like the answer, change the question'.  What Farage and Nuttall struggle to explain is why their politics were decisively rejected by the people of Oldham.


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