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Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 03/12/15 22:46:00

Staying as fit and well as we can and being able to still get around and communicate with our friends and family will help life be more enjoyable.

It is all very well depending on your own set of friends but quite a few don't make it to 60 and by the time you get to your mid 90s there are even fewer of them.  Yet there are a growing number living to their 110s. This is where going out to clubs and for coffee and lunch and meeting new people comes into its own. So keep up with those sight and hearing appointments you may have a long way to go yet!

The Age UK/John Lewis ad talks about a million elderly people not having a conversation with anyone for more than a month.  Will this be you?

We make jokes about the number of people it takes to change a light bulb because it is a generally a simple task made difficult but when you are elderly some of those simple tasks do become so much larger...  that you forget how quick and easy it is for a younger person to do.

Age UK has a great network for finding help for sorting out lots of problems - big and small.   

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