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Topic: Shoddy Shoes from Clarks
Posted by: Charles Carr-Jones
Date/Time: 02/12/15 11:28:00

My Wife bought a pair of shoes from the Clarks Shoe Shop on Chiswick High road for my Daughter. Just over a month later the soles have practically fallen off.   So I took them in to be told that I need a receipt and or proof of purchase.   I thought that as we haven't retained the receipt and we know the date and rough time they were purchased and the amount that was paid, Clarks could check their accounting system.   But no it is down to us - this is despite the obvious evidence that the shoes are from Clarks and the soles are practically new even though not fully attached.
It would have been nice if they were remotely sorry for the shoddy shoes and the trouble we have been put to but instead we will have to check our our bank statements and make another journey to the shop.   These were not expensive shoes and the trouble we are being put to going backwards and forwards to the shop is annoying enough for me to want to let others know and beware.

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