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Topic: Re:House Collapse in Barnes.
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 28/11/15 23:07:00

I've just been looking at the planning documents on the Richmond-upon-Thames council site.  The new owners have made several attempts to extend the house, and have had two applications refused on the grounds of upper storey extensions being too large and dominant.  As a result, they seem to have decided to put all the extensions underground.

What concerns me is that the planning officer's report says nothing about structural safety during construction. Richmond asked for a Construction Methods Statement, but only appeared to be concerned about matters such as parking of builder's vehicles, storage of materials and wheel washing of lorries.  Nothing about how the building would be supported while the basement was enlarged, despite the building being only about 25 metres from the Thames.

This is in contrast to Hounslow, who insisted on a structural engineering report before allowing a basement to be constructed in Duke Road. They wanted to be assured that the existing building would be adequately supported during excavation of the basement, and a detailed statement by consulting structural engineers was duly produced. 

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