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Topic: House Collapse in Barnes.
Posted by: Tony Inwood
Date/Time: 28/11/15 18:09:00

With regard to the horrifying news of the collapse of a house in Barnes the other day due to having a basement extension, let us hope that all local councils will now place an immediate embargo on further developments of this nature.
Whilst it may be understandable that people wish to have basement extensions for various reasons, it is becoming abundantly clear that the risks of such developments are far too great to make them feasible any longer. Apart from the obvious risk to the owner of the house having the extension, there are many other dangers too:
1. Damage to properties on either side, which are quite common.
2. Damage to cars or vans parked in the road when collapses like this occur.
3. Potential damage to the structure of the roads themselves especially in areas like Chiswick, which sit directly above several underground rivers.
4. And finally, the unthinkable possibility of adults or children being maimed or killed if further collapses like this do occur. Mercifully this did not happen on this occasion.
Surely it is time for all councils to have a serious review of their planning policies in light of all this.

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