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Topic: Re:Re:Age Concern donations
Posted by: R Rees Williams
Date/Time: 23/11/15 12:57:00

Gordon, apart from her description of me I agree with Philippa...Time, where possible, is very rewarding.

That said, itís a very valid question Gordon. I specifically volunteer for both Contact the Elderly and Age UK Hounslow because I enjoy the personal touch and I want to feel comfortable that any money donated is used as I would prefer. In the case of the former, the company I work for donate £1000 / annum as I qualify through volunteering for 40 hours minimum per annum. Its model is simple and effective and relies heavily on their large network of volunteers. According to their website, 89% of the money is raised is used to manage a small and efficient team.† So although the senior guests donít get any material gain, CtE bring them friendship, personal contact and lots of fun. I therefore believe that the money which is donated via me is very well spent.
Age UK Hounslow is another community service that brings a low key, cost effective but hugely rewarding contact to our elderly friends.† I volunteer specifically with their befriending service but if you check their website they seem to be involved in many areas. They also seem to rely on donations.† From my small involvement I can vouch that this model also works extremely well is making contact with the elderly.
Iíve noted the contact details below or feel free to contact me directly for more information
CtE Contact: Isabella Wise on 020 8445 1333 or†
Age UK Hounslow Contact: Mark Sherred on 0208 5606969†

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