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Topic: Re:Re:Age Concern donations
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 23/11/15 09:20:00

I see you have tried.  What about the organisation that that wild rugby-loving Welshman is involved with - Contact the Elderly?

Michael Sterne who replied to me about Age Concern in Chiswick has recently died so unless someone else who is involved with the Chiswick one (Helen Whitman?) replies then it may not be a good time to contact them.

Age UK is a very useful organisation.  The website will tell you about current legislation, proposed legislation, benefits and where there are needs - help in lots of areas.  It is very helpful in signposting people to the various local charities and people who can help you.  (I found a volunteer to guide a blind parent through a large hospital for hospital visits through them.  Actually refused to use the lovely offer but the offer was there and that in itself made a difference.)

Age UK in Hounslow has important activities like teaching older people to use electronic tablets and so helping them to keep in touch with their families amongst many many other things.  I expect they also have a befriending service where people with similar interests can meet/be visited.

Places where people can meet up to have coffee or lunch are very important too.  Accessibility is key to reduce the amount of isolation.

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