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Topic: Tesco and "Best Before" date
Posted by: Jackie Elton
Date/Time: 19/11/15 18:31:00

I purchased some lettuce in Tesco on Chiswick High Road Road today - 19th November. The Best Before Date was 19th November.  When I noticed I returned it for a refund.  The manager stoutly defended this as Tesco policy.  He said that "Best Before" meant midnight on the 19th not the 18th. . The lettuce did look rather brown in parts and "curly"(not in a good way).

I assume it is legal to sell Best Before on the date itself but is it desirable or right to do so?
I then went to M&S where I couldn't find anything for sale of a similar nature that wasn't at least two days before the Best Before Date.
What are people's observations generally about shops with "sell by" and "best before" in Chiswick foodshops in particular?  I am disappointed in Tesco's attitude. I do buy at the convenience stores in Turnham Green but warily when it comes to milk and other perishables.

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