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Posted by: Colin Potter
Date/Time: 23/10/15 19:27:00

Thanks for taking the time to check for me Stuart.
120 Cranbrook road is at the other end of the road in the other corner right next to what was Hogarth Garage, which I always remember being numbered 120a. I guess Mr Gurr needed more space for Motorcars.
Can you check where they were in 1901 for me please because I know that in 1902 the road ended with numbers 102 and 67. (Because of the turns in Cranbrook Road 102 is opposite 67)

I may have got a bit of information and now be heading in the wrong direction, but it does appear Mr Gurr had a huge influence on naming, designing and building Cranbrook road. If you have found a photo of him it would be great to see it.

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