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Posted by: Colin Potter
Date/Time: 23/10/15 12:25:00

It has taken a while but I finally made it to the library to find out about Cranbrook rd. I was hoping to find out what the outbuildings were in the 1896 map, but I donít think I will ever find out as there is unlikely to be any record of them.
What I did find out though might mean that two of my questions have one answer.

The first houses were built in Cranbrook road in 1895.
In 1897 Gurr Builders were refused planning permission to build on Cranbrook road.
In 1902 Gurr Builders are have their address listed as 30 Cranbrook road.

I searched the 1901 census and found there was a Mr Charles R Gurr, living with his wife and 3 Children in Chiswick.
Mr Charles R Gurr born in Rye Sussex in 1845 is listed in the 1901 and 1911 census as a Rubber & Motorcar dealer.
In 1891 he is listed as a builder living in Hampstead, London.
In 1881 he is listed as a Bricklayer Labourer living in Canterbury St Pauls, Kent. He was living with his wife and 7 Children. His Children were born in Hawkhurst 1867, 1868, 1870. Another was born in 1872 in Bennenden. In 1874 Bethersden, in 1876 Ospringe. And in 1880? and 1885 his children are listed as being born in Kent.
In 1871 before he started moving every few years he is listed as a Bricklayer Journeyman living in Kent.
In 1861 he is listed aged 16 as an agricultural Labourer living in Cranbrook, Kent.

I used to search the census which is great for a free site, but only gives limited information. Does anyone that subscribes have the time to check if there is any more information on Mr Charles R Gurr.

The only evidence I found in the library was that Gurr builders were refused permission to build more houses in Cranbrook Road, but I have convinced myself that Mr Gurr built all the houses in Cranbrook road and named it after the village in Kent. The house number given for Gurr builders is no. 30, itís a corner house that is bigger than all the others in the road it has its own drive and huge garden compared to others in the road. I guess he built it for himself.

Does anyone have any ideas where I might find any more information on Gurr Builders and the Rubber & Motorcar dealer, Mr Gurr?

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