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Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 18/10/15 19:09:00

Ref Guidelines

The application of the TMO system must be credible and consistent, protecting the image of the game.


A match organiser may appoint an official known as a Television Match Official (TMO) who uses technological devices to clarify situations relating to;
When there is doubt as to whether a ball has been grounded in in-goal for a score or a touchdown.
Where there is doubt as to whether a kick at goal has been successful.
Where there is doubt as to whether players were in touch or touch in goal before grounding the ball in in-goal or the ball has been made dead.
Where match officials believe an offence or infringement may have occurred in the field of play leading to a try or preventing a try.
Reviewing situations where match officials believe foul play may have occurred.
Clarifying sanctions required for acts of foul play.
(c) Any of the match officials including the TMO may recommend a review by the TMO. The reviews will take place in accordance with the TMO protocol in place at the time which will be available at
A match organiser may appoint a timekeeper who will signify the end of each half.
The referee must not consult with any other persons.

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