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Topic: Re:RWC 2015 predictions
Posted by: Andrew Cumming
Date/Time: 12/10/15 13:39:00

South Africa are getting into their stride. However, other than Japan, they've played a USA team resting 13 players, Scotland who were resting 3 or 4 players with another couple injured and a badly out of sorts Samoa (who didn't decide to arrive at the world cup until their final game). There's a chance that they might come into the knockouts unduly confident. Wales have been nothing if not brave in this tournament, but with Liam Williams being ruled out, you've got to think this is the end for them. But then, I never thought they'd get out of the group. South Africa by 16-20.

France still aren't what they need to be to win this tournament, and I can't see them beating NZ. Then again, I don't remember seeing such poor All Blacks handling as I did in the Georgia and Tonga games. They certainly aren't at their best. New Zealand by 6-10

Yesterday's game saw Ireland's players getting injured in decreasing order of importance. Sexton, O'Connell and then O'Mahoney. O'Mahoney has already been ruled out and if the other 2 are out as well, Ireland Might struggle. Argentina have been very impressive and the benefits of playing in an annual tournament with the big 3 are clearly showing. I think they might sneak it. Argentina by 1-5.

Australia have looked very impressive and are massive favourites for this one. Scotland have been very mixed with almost universally poor first halves, with much improved second halves. They won't be as physically intimidated by Australia as they were by Samoa, but it would be a huge shock if they were to get anything out of this. Australia by 16-20

NZ(w) V South Africa
Australia (W) v Argentina

Australia (w) v NZ

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