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Topic: Re:Re:RWC 2015 predictions
Posted by: Francis Rowe
Date/Time: 12/10/15 17:52:00

Very good points about South Africa and New Zealand.

I think Wales will beat South Africa. Despite their personnel losses they still have some outstanding players and the Springbok squad have a lot of players who are passed their best.

Australia will obviously beat Scotland, New Zealand will probably beat France but I think it will be close.

Ireland are probably strong enough to beat Argentina even in the worst case for injuries and suspensions.

New Zealand will beat Wales in the semis. Australia and Ireland is too close to call. The key will be the availability of O'Brien - if he is just suspended for one game he will be an effective counter to Pocock and Hooper but without him the Wallabies will dominate the breakdown and win. The Sexton situation sounds reasonably encouraging and I don't think the loss of O'Connell would be the biggest blow as Henderson has been outstanding .

Given an Ireland win I would see the Kiwis shading it in the final as the attrition on the Ireland squad would have increased by then and they don't have the depth to remain competitive with more losses.

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