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Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 14/10/15 15:48:00

Getting the PofA done in the first place is a bit of a nightmare but before the Enduring Powers of Attorney changed, my husband persuaded my mother and his to sign forms and with my mother going blind, he has had to produce it as evidence when he helps her with paperwork.   His own mother is 93 and still going strong.

Incidentally, we both signed Enduring Powers for each other as well as his brother so we feel that for the time being we are covered for when the need arises.

One good thing my husband did was to go with my mother and all their documents to her bank and he is now a recognised signatory on all her accounts (no that does not require 2 signatures) but it does enable my husband to do internet banking for her, check details and make sure all is well.

He and his brother are trying to do the same with their own mother but she does not really understand why there is a need.

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