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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 14/10/15 07:22:00

I have just finished going down the Court Of Protection route for an LPA for my mother.As Gervaise says,it is time consuming and costly.From the time of first application to actually being handed the LPA,it took almost a year,and the costs were astounding.In total,it came to about 2000,of which,the solicitors fee was approx 1200.At every turn it seemed the main objective was to relieve me of as much cash as possible.Even after completeion I got a letter from the CoE setting out what I would be expected to do,even though this had already been covered.The cost of them sending me this letter (which I didn't ask for)was 100,and their charges continue year on year.If these people are short on funds,I would see if you can find a different route.When the application first went into the CoE,before any work was done,there were charges of 400.

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