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Posted by: Lou Valdini
Date/Time: 14/10/15 13:32:00

I would advise everyone to consider LPAs for Health and Finance while they can.  I am going through the process, and have been 'criticised' for being morbid. Like a Will, it is not a subject anyone wants to consider, but the problems are immense if the eventuality arises ...and it can happen in a heartbeat!

My partner recently suffered serious damage to her eyesight.  She is an artist; Sue Porter, and many of you will have her pictures on your walls.  She thought she would be blind.

Her surgeon was brilliant, and while she has permanent damage to one eye, she can see colour, and is getting back to her pictures (now available from Fosters Bookshop since Picture Man closed).  However, there was a point where we wondered how she would manage her affairs.

It reinforced the importance of having someone you trust who can officially manage your affairs if the worst happens.

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